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6 Reasons Why We Love Linen

6 Reasons Why We Love Linen

You might already love linen and have a lot of it in your wardrobe, but we wanted to give you a few more good reasons to!

Linen is a fibre that is naturally derived from flax and is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. The flax plant has been cultivated in almost every country in the world and is one of the oldest fibres known, dating back to 8000BC. The Egyptians used it as currency, and it formed an integral part of the mummifying process.

You might already love linen and have a lot of it in your wardrobe, but we wanted to give you a few more good reasons to!


1. Durable & Long Lasting

Linen is considered to be the strongest of the all-natural fibres, and it only gets better with every wear and wash. The natural fibres in linen do not stretch which only contributes to its sturdy nature. This means it will last for many seasons, making linen pieces perfect for a conscious wardrobe.


2. It has a Low Environmental Impact

Linen is made from the resilient Flax plant which can grow well even in poor soil, requiring very little (if any) fertiliser & pesticide. It also uses much less water compared to growing cotton. It provides many resources, and almost all of it is useful meaning there is very little wastage. Flax seeds and oil are used in the natural health industry, and any remaining waste is biodegradable.


3. It’s Breathable & Absorbent

Linen allows for natural airflow and it can hold moisture without feeling damp to the touch due to its porous nature. This is a large reason why this textile is ideal for summer and warmer climates as it keeps you cool and feeling dry. 


4. It’s Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic

Because linen is so breathable, it is very resilient to bacteria and microbe growth. Its naturally anti-bacterial properties made it a popular choice for bandages for centuries.


5. It’s Naturally Insect Repelling

Linen is thought to naturally repel insects like moths, so you're unlikely to find any unwanted bites when taking out your warm-weather wardrobe!


6. It’s Biodegradable!

When your linen pieces finally come to the end of their useful life and can’t be donated onwards. You can rest a little easier knowing that the fibres in linen are biodegradable, which means you won’t be adding to landfills or poisoning the soil.


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