Q&A with Lauren Weeks

Lauren is the creative mind behind"Abigail and Lauren" a custom embroidery business in Hobart, Tasmania. We recently chatted with her about her custom Blundstone embroidery business, how she got her start, and all about her love for Blundstones.


How did you get started embroidering Blundstones?

I started embroidering Blundstones just on a whim. I did my own boots and then a friend asked me to do hers, and then another and another and suddenly I was getting messages from people I didn’t even know who saw someone on the street wearing boots I had embroidered! I live in Hobart, Tasmania, so being in such a small city, word of mouth spread my little business quite quickly! 


Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

My inspiration is predominately from native flora or the natural landscape around Tasmania. I’m a lowkey environmentalist, so I’m inspired by the environment that I love so much! I also work with my customers to create a custom design that they love; I’m lucky that most of my customers also want nature-inspired designs! 



What is your favourite style of Blundstone boots & why?

Hands down, my favourite boots are the 585s in rustic brown! But I also have them in black! I love them because they go with everything, but they also have a really nice ‘worn in’ look about them when they are fresh from the box.


How do you like to wear/style your Blundstones?

I honestly wear my Blundstones with everything! Work, going out, casual, gardening, walking, you name it! 

My go-to style is with black skinny jeans (I’m a millennial obviously 🤣), a comfy vintage T-shirt and an oversized denim jacket. 


Tell Us about your business partner Abigail

 Abigail is my 12-year-old rescue cat that was gifted to me by my brother. Using the name ‘Abigail and Lauren’ was only meant to be temporary, but it’s stuck with me now! Abigail doesn’t make much of an appearance on my social media page, but she’s always lurking around my house somewhere, along with my rescue greyhound Delilah.



You can find Lauren on Instagram at @Abigail_and_Lauren and online here at www.abigailandlauren.com 


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