Kinga Csilla

Simultaneously effortless as she is striking, Kinga Csilla is informed and hopeful and she is socially and environmentally conscious and active.
The influences behind Kinga Csilla are deeply rooted in the family history of the Creative Director Laura Liles – a heritage with ties to Hungary, Italy and other pretty parts of the world. 

The Kinga Csilla aesthetic stitches these cultures together to create an inimitable take on wares created ethically for the modern woman.

The makers are from India, home to some of the most beautiful handiwork and talented craftspeople found on this planet.

Kinga Scilla is fortunate and forever grateful for their skill and workmanship that allows for the timeless detailing that is the Kinga signature.
Every collection is carefully considered in the design and made slowly, with heart. Production is a time-consuming process where they allow the makers the appropriate time to complete their work, which we know is well worth waiting for.