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Our Story

Abicus first opened its doors back in 2000 on a quiet Darby St in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. With just a crate of records, a rail of clothing, and a vision to offer unique classics and hard-to-find vinyl titles not easily available locally, the inseparable mix of music and fashion was established from day one.

Fast forward 22 years, and our passionate team of 13 staff members has helped us cultivate an immense amount of love and respect for the magical place that is Newcastle. We feel incredibly fortunate to be collaborating with some of Australia's most inspiring and prolific designers, musicians, and artists.

Our Philosophy

At Abicus, we believe the in-store experience is just as important as our offering We're firm believers that the right record, discovered at the right time, can steer your life's journey and become the soundtrack to your most memorable moments. While trends may come and go, quality remains timeless.

Simple, essential, and classic styles can be found year-round at Abicus, along with one-off seasonal pieces. Our team is just as enthusiastic about discussing the latest Julia Jacklin record or Rolla's collection as they are about championing the incredible local bars, bakeries, coffee shops, cafes, eateries, galleries, retail stores, parks, beaches, and opportunities that Newcastle has to offer. 

Our Offering

Beyond our selection of men's & women's apparel and footwear, Abicus is renowned for its specialised vinyl collection, an extensive range of sunglasses, and a diverse offering of music books.

We consider icons like Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Stevie Nicks, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix to be vital and influential links between music and fashion. Their style and sound transcend time, leaving much to aspire to.

Meet the Abicus Team

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