• The Zombies - Begin Here. LP [Reissue]

The Zombies - Begin Here. LP [Reissue]

Limited vinyl LP repressing of this 1965 album. T

he custom 'vintage' package is totally bespoke and original, and perfectly replicate the style of classic LP covers of the early 1960s period, with exceptional scanning, detailed reproduction of artwork and printing to original specifications made up from two parts, complete with traditional fold-over flaps, thin 'crushed' spine and finished with front side only special laminate.

The superb 1965 Zombies beat classic is now available remastered by Jon Astley in glorious original Mono sound and presented as a highly collectable Vinyl LP in a faithful vintage replica of the original LP release.


Features all the original 14 tracks, with no fillers, just as originally featured and raved about back in the golden '60s era.