Firekites - The Bowery. LP (Ltd Ed. 300 - Clear Vinyl. PRINT EDITION inc - signed & numbered screen-print)

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RECORDED IN NEWCASTLEFirekites - The Bowery First time pressing on vinyl with numbered limited edition screen-print. Very excited about this I must admit. : )

Many moons ago we produced and recorded The Bowery, primarily here in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. The songs felt like they almost fell from the sky, before we knew it, we’d signed with Spunk & Own Records (EU) and were playing shows with many of our heroes including the likes of The Sea & Cake, Built To Spill, Tallest Man On Earth and Bill Callahan. Totally surreal stuff!

As quickly as Firekites emerged, we took a BIG step back, essentially returning to a recording project. 10 years on, The Bowery is getting it’s very first taste of vinyl, and boy is it sweet!

A limited Bowery pressing of 300 has been produced featuring reverse board uncoated stock sleeves, dual metallic Pantone inner & label, 150gram clear-haze vinyl, re-usable dust jacket and a very special hand numbered screen-print (edition of 100)

The screen-printed photograph was shot at the Firekites Cooks Hill Studio on Laman St (circa 2007), during the Mirror Miracle, Same Suburb & Worn Weary Worn sessions and was printed by Tim at the Beautiful Noise Effects workshop here in Adamstown, Newcastle. (Thanks Nick!) The vinyl master was shaped by Don Bartley and pressed by the wizards at Gz in Prague. It sounds just as it should and the sound is good.

Limited copies of the screen-print edition are exclusively available in-store at Abicus

It has been a pleasure working with Aaron/Spunk over the years and we take great pride in being part of the Spunk Records Family. Here’s to another 20years! Thanks Aaron. - Tim