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Uwalmassar - Malar. LP [UK IMPORT]

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Uwalmassar - Malar. LP [UK IMPORT]


Uwalmassa shape their relationship with various forms of musical heritage into technical and stylish forms on Malar, marrying acoustic sonics with a contemporary outlook that reflects their Indonesian identity; evolving, mutating, and scavenging traditions to draw parallels to dance music, and to test the adaptability and flexibility of those sounds.


Here the collective go dark and deep in their first album-length collaboration with Mana, casting long shadows and moving snake style at speed across nine tracks. Using a mix of synthetic and acoustic instruments - the texture of Malar feels enigmatic, occasionally industrial, and the result magical in its mystery and fluctuating impact.


Uwalmassa is the name with which DIVISI62, arts & music collective from Jakarta, Indonesia, perform and produce music.



1. Guram

2. Majuh

3. Belit

4. Rantas

5. Caruk

6. Putung

7. Karnal

8. Tilik

9. Sembahyang

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