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Tommy Guerrero - Soul Food Taqueria. 2LP [2023 Remaster / Ltd. Ed. 180g Black Vinyl]

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Tommy Guerrero - Soul Food Taqueria. 2LP [2023 Remaster / Ltd. Ed. 180g Black Vinyl]

Be With Records present a 2023 reissue of Tommy Guerrero's Soul Food Taqueria, originally released in 2003. It's rare that a certain sound is entirely an artist's own. Although undeniably a stew of impeccable influences -- from blues to folk to Latin to dusty funk, soul and hip-hop -- one cannot hear a Tommy Guerrero song without immediately recognizing it as his -- and his only. 

The cult skater from San Francisco is globally renowned as one of the original members of the legendary "Bones Brigade" team. And as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, his laid-back soul is beloved by all who've basked in its blissful glow. His albums that surfaced on Mo Wax at the turn of the century have been treasured since their release and it's two of his most vital LPs. The originals were quietly pressed on to a single piece of vinyl, so Be With Records worked closely with Tommy to offer fresh, limited editions. Soul Food Taqueria continued Guerrero's guitar soul but represented a step forward with its polished production and greater complexity of instrumentation. Denied the promotion it deserved upon release, it flew under the radar. It is now the most wanted record of his wondrous back catalog. 

Guerrero's atmospheric touch and subtle guitar provide lush, glimmering pieces of musical texture. Within his spacious compositions, uniquely arranged instruments flourish alongside each other to create a languid soundtrack for halcyon days. From bossa nova, samba, and cumbia rhythms to understated folk, funk and soul grooves, this is another exotic set of mellow gold. Dubby, bass-heavy instrumentals give way to moody folk-soul -- witness "It Gets Heavy", featuring melancholic vocals from Gresham Taylor -- whilst "Thank You MK" is a gentle ode to the tropics, featuring ethereal instrumentation, bright bass and warm, jazzy guitars. 

The second half in particular contains a number of stunning ambient tracks -- check "Lost Unfound", "Another Brother Gone", and "Broken Blood" -- built around minimalist, laid-back grooves, and detailed guitar orchestrations which wouldn't be out of place on the latest Jonny Nash release. Guerrero closes this flawless set with a moment of true beauty. Restrained and graceful, "Falling Awake" is a pared back piece containing meditative guitar melodies set against melancholic piano arrangements. 

[2023 Reissue. Remastered. 180 gram vinyl; expanded to double-LP and presented in a gatefold sleeve].

Track Listing

1. Intro Lectric Chile Goat
2. Abierto
3. Organism
4. Thank You MK
5. Tatanka
6. Interlude Train Of Thought
7. It Gets Heavy
8. Thin Brown Layer
9. Interlude So Many Years Ago
10. Terra Unfirma
11. Gettin It Together
12. Another Brother Gone
13. Broken Blood
14. Interlude And The Day Goes By
15. Lost Unfound
16. The Color Of Life
17. Falling Awake    

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