• Snowy Band - Alternate Endings. LP
  • Snowy Band - Alternate Endings. LP

Snowy Band - Alternate Endings. LP

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ALBUM OF THE WEEK✨Snowy Band - Alternate Endings ✨via Spunk Records.

Like the understated musings of The American Analog Set, the home-base celebration of Belle and Sebastian, the fragmented poetic truths of The Velvet Underground, the whispered restraint of Sufjan Stevens, the poise of early 70’s Serge Gainsbourg… 

Lusciously sparse and close instrumental passages unfurl through cloaks of seemingly effortless, perfectly placed, block-set vignettes of incidental suburban diary tales. Life, Love, Loss, the truth. 

Guess what I’m saying is, this record oozes so many incredible qualities… like the best ‘bits’ of all my favourite bands, but in a totally unique and cool-as-fuck Snowy kinda way. Oh and the production… the placement and sense of intimacy really is something else. An important record. If not Australia’s Album Of The Year. Biggest congrats Snowy!

Heavy weight black vinyl edition.✨ Highly Recommended. - Tim

Ps. Snowy Band is Melbourne's Liam "Snowy" Halliwell, Emma Russack, Natalie Pavlovic and Dylan Young. [Familiar names capable of wonderful things]