• Sa Pa - In A Landscape. 2LP [UK IMPORT]
  • Sa Pa - In A Landscape. 2LP [UK IMPORT]
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Sa Pa - In A Landscape. 2LP [UK IMPORT]

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Sa Pa - In A Landscape. 2LP [UK IMPORT]


Rain, spit, ice, neon, mercury, arcing electricity, plants, steam, soil, and dust; this is dream music from Sa Pa. Following up on his 2015 debut 風物詩 [Fuubutsushi], In A Landscape provides rich content for fantasy and the fertile imagination, establishing a rich terrain of visual, poetic, and abstract sound that draws on techno and dub ambient.


Somewhere between pastoral impressionism and cyber-noir, its surface evokes the tensions of a fluctuating, fizzing atmosphere, pictures emerging and dissolving in the mind’s eye. Thick layers of field recording - some salvaged from a recorder lost in Bassiani during the police raid last year and recovered in January - flood tracks fabricated from erratic, oddly distanced rhythm.


The sensation whilst listening is not unlike hearing the world from a place within the body; swimming in the bloodstream, cutting through the turbulent landscape secure in a metal tube.


Or being over-exposed to lushly textured environments with the anatomy far receded; an out-of-body experience where subtler senses are heightened and the landscape begins to take on surreal qualities.



1. Ripsketch

2. Gokotto

3. Melody Hop

4. Recovery

5. Rose Bay

6. Slow Walk

7. Room With A View 

8. Futurist Meets Cubist

9. Fireworks

10. Hallucingentic

11. Féerie

12. Deepwater Reprise