• Midlake - Trials Of Van Occupanther. LP

Midlake - Trials Of Van Occupanther. LP

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Fantastic vinyl re-issue of Midlake’s 2006 masterpiece ✨The Trials Of Van Occupanther✨

There’s moments on this album that just make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. The Fleetwood Mac walking bass line in the chorus of Roscoe, the fuzzed out guitar solo unison bend repetitions on Head Home, and that elegant violin riff that ever so gently gives way to the opening vocal verse on Young Bride.

Man, this record is packed full of those moments and every time you hear them you just wanna toggle the tone arm back a few grooves just so you can hear them again. “A timeless classic”,says the sticker on the front cover and it would be damn right for saying so.

Beautiful 180gram re-pressing of a true modern classic! Hugely influential record. Key tracks like "Roscoe" & "Young Bride" are up there with anything off Rumours!