• Luc Ferrari - L'Escalier Des Aveugles. LP [UK IMPORT]
  • Luc Ferrari - L'Escalier Des Aveugles. LP [UK IMPORT]
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Luc Ferrari - L'Escalier Des Aveugles. LP [UK IMPORT]

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Luc Ferrari - L'Escalier Des Aveugles. LP [UK IMPORT]


L’Escalier des Aveugles  (1991)


The Staircase of the Blinds


Collection of short stories


“All at the beginning, when I spoke about my project of radiophonic story, I employed the word “clip” to evoke the form I imagined. And then while working, I realized that what I was making was a sound metaphor of the literary technique of “short stories”.


Indeed, short forms telling each one a story, a situation, an environment, but in a climate of outline, an indirect to tell, allusive manner, unrealistic while employing realistic materials. A manner also of leaving the listener (I was going to say the spectator) outstanding, perhaps frustrated not to have an end for each anecdote.


Each story is built on a small event: a sound, an atmosphere, a harmless word carrying emotion by the voice pronouncing it, a heard stereotype. And thus, the unit is woven inside multiple languages: the musical one, the bruitist, the realistic one, the synthetic one and finally Spanish and French, suggesting the public tracks to be followed and left.


About the way, this one is a staircase which comes back like a theme: the idea that a place of Madrid is called the Staircase of the Blinds fascinated me, like a poetic reality, or rather like a surreality; but also as a symbol of what I was making, a composition with sounds and for the radio. And as each one knows, the radio is for those with heads full of images.”



1. The Staircase of the Blinds

2. Interlude

3. Suzanne and the tramp

4. Interlude

5. El cuerpo inglés

6. Interior

7. Homage to Lorca

8. Izaskun and the apple

9. Interference

10. Without knowing why

11. Nada

12. Madrid, kilometer zero

13. The story of the staircase