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Godspeed! You Black Emperor - F#A#. LP

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Godspeed You Black Emperor! - F# A#✨Constellation Records. 1997.

Pre internet before it was the monetised monster we know it as now, and back in a time when excited word of mouth was the most effective way of germinating your band’s following, a batch of mysterious hand assembled vinyl-only albums by an unheard of Canadian post rock band started spreading their way across the border into the US and finally across the oceans to Europe and Australia. 

It was almost by way of military infiltration the way these records appeared on record store shelves across the world as though the distribution was puppeteer’d by an Anonymous-Mask wearing activist burdened with the responsibility of forewarning us of the path, we as a society were all about to choose.

And when the lucky few of us who obtained a copy dropped that needle down on to side-A for the very first time and heard the dour, doomy monologues and crazed street preacher field recordings layered over soaring orchestral string tension, and pistols drawn at dawn slide guitar they somehow understood that this curio was a dark prophecy of what was one day to come. We weren’t sure how to articulate it at the time but we had been implanted with a wretched glowing ember in our bellies that is only just now starting to bubble it’s acid bile up into our throats forcing us to finally awaken and question the damaging and unsustainable path we have all mechanically chosen.

Still being produced in Canada with stunning hand embossed & cataloge numbered cover art,  plus the train flattened Canadian penny they stealthily regather from the tracks that run behind the studio. THE BEST!!

Essential G!YBE.

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