• Bonny Light Horseman - S/T. LP [Black Edition]

Bonny Light Horseman - S/T. LP [Black Edition]

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Bonny Light Horseman- S/T ... but what about this Bonny Light Horseman record, though...You know when you rock up to band practice and you wanna nail all your guitar parts like a champion. You wanna nail all the big parts, and more importantly, you wanna nail all the soft handed subtle parts. It’s those subtle parts that are the real challenge and this bunch of wild Bonny Horseman aplomb the shit out of it.

Every simple nuanced riff progression delicately plucking out the story like it’s an audio storyboard before your effortlessly attentive ears. It’s good. It’s very good. There are vocals on it too! Gorgeous vocals that are even more mesmerising than the guitar playing.


Far out what a goddamn record!