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Blue Divers - Blue Divers II. LP

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Blue Divers - Blue Divers II. LP


Limited to 500 copies including original artwork printed on extra thick cardstock.


Blue Divers II was recorded at various home studios by the different performers of the ever-evolving coastal collective Blue Divers. The album is performed by Miles Myjavec, Ashley Bundang, Lehmann B. Smith, Jack Saltmaris and Alec Marshall.

The recordings started with impromptu collaborations in Marshall’s living room in Thirroul, before being sent through the modern marvels of the internet across the Northern Rivers, New South Wales; Melbourne, Victoria, and finally back to the New South Wales South Coast, where the record was picked up by Marshall and assembled into its finished whole. Miles plays percussion and flute, Lehmann plays clarinet, Ashley plays vibraphone and various keyboard instruments, with Marshall bringing up the rear on guitar, bass, percussion, piano and keyboards.


Alec Marshal says of the lead single, 'Low' -

“This track features Miles, Ashley and myself. On the recording Ashley and I are playing synth and guitar in my old Thirroul living room, I later overdubbed a bass line, then Miles added percussion from his place in the northern rivers. When I listen to it, it sounds like we’re all in the same room playing live. It's partly because the overdubbing is done so quickly and intuitively, first takes kinda thing. I had the best day when Miles sent me his parts; I love his playing. It's hard to talk about the music of Blue Divers outside of the boring recording process stuff, because it's an intuitive and social thing. I'm always just trying to get lost in it, and I got lost in this one, so it made the album. How good is getting lost in something?” 

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