• Thom Yorke - The Eraser. LP

Thom Yorke - The Eraser. LP

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Kept largely a secret and suddenly released whilst Radiohead were on a short lived hiatus, Thom Yorke’s debut, The Eraser is a strikingly beautiful artefact that gave the world a clearer insight into influencing force behind Radiohead’s transformative years that followed OK Computer. When Kid A was released in 2000 critics famously demanded, where are the guitars?!

Where was this stylistic change coming from? It was Yorke’s attraction to the explorative qualities of electronica and laptop trickery that drove the band’s dramatic shift in direction and six years later he was able to fully examine this musical style without having to go through the Radiohead consensus. What he gave us was an eerie, IDM inspired record that achieved total musical continuity from the opening titular track to the hiccuping glitch fest, Cymbal Rush, the whole thing beautifully bathed in Yorke’s haunting and brooding vocal melodies.

Out of his three solo albums, The Eraser is the closest in sound and feel to Radiohead, especially the albums that it chronologically neighbours, but it’s definitely enough of a departure to stand on it’s own and remain one of Yorke’s brightest highlights in a career full of them.