• Thom Yorke - Anima [Indie Exclusive Deluxe Edition] 2LP

Thom Yorke - Anima [Indie Exclusive Deluxe Edition] 2LP

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When Thom Yorke releases new music, whether it be his solo output or through Radiohead the music world pauses and takes note. He makes the rules then he breaks them. He sets new boundaries and then pushes past them and we all eagerly await to see where the new goal posts have been set. Not many music artists share this lofty cultural weight, but it’s one Yorke comfortably shoulders by turning out gold after gold, each its own bright beacon of significance in a long lit runway that winds back through the eras all the way to OK Computer.

ANIMA is another glowing entry into his amazing career and one for us all to sit back, put the headphones on and marvel at. He’s back with his long term muse and collaborator, Nigel Godrich and together they have created an album full of paranoid nightmares about technology’s control and the imminent rise of an all seeing future State. This dystopian narrative is all set against Godrich’s trademark analogue IDM pulses as though they’re being generated from the nuclear control instruments at Chernobyl, and lets be clear here, there is absolutely no need for these guys to hit the emergency AZ-5 button, they are in complete control.