Blundstone Sizing

How to find the perfect fit:

Adult Unisex & Kids Sizes:

STEP 1 - Foot length
The best way to do this is to stand barefoot on a piece of paper and mark where your longest toe ends. (Fig 1)
Measure your foot length in millimetres from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe (Fig. 2).
Repeat this step with both feet, and use the largest measurement to calculate your Blundstone size from the chart below. 

STEP 2 - Trying them on!
When you receive your boots, try them on while you’re wearing the socks or stockings you will typically wear with your boots.
Ensure you’re standing up, and try them on a carpeted surface so the bottom of the boots are protected.

Need a little more help to find your perfect size?

If you're still not sure what size would be right for you, call us in-store between 10am-4pm / 7 days. Ph 0240232165... We would love to help you find your perfect fit!




Adult Unisex Size Chart:


Kids Size Chart: