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Pinegrove - Amperland, NY. LP

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Pinegrove - Amperland, NY. LP


Pinegrove have released a new feature length film, Amperland, NY, and accompanying soundtrack album, released digitally on January 15th and physically on February 26th on Rough Trade. The film, scripted from a short story by Pinegrove’s Evan Stephens Hall and directed by Kenna Hynes, was filmed at the band’s long time home in upstate New York, known as “Amperland” to Pinegrove and their fans, prior to the house being sold by the owner earlier this year.


The film, produced in conjunction with Chromoscope Pictures, and described by Evan as “fun, hopefully poignant, definitely weird ”, includes 22 songs - a full set list length of performances - spanning the band’s entire career to date. Those new renditions of old gems, recorded live in the Amperland house by Pinegrove’s Sam Skinner. Evan explains the film as “threaded by a surreal, giddy narrative - reimaginings of our songbook and first-time-imaginings of Pinegrovian tall tales.” The band viewed the project as a way of honoring the house that had acted as home, recording studio and important creative haven for their last two albums: Skylight (2017) and Marigold (2020).



1. Moment (Amperland, NY)

2. Dotted Line (Amperland, NY)

3. No Drugs (Amperland, NY)

4. The Alarmist (Amperland, NY)

5. Morningtime (Amperland, NY)

6. Sunday (Amperland, NY)

7. Alcove (Amperland, NY)

8. Thanksgiving (Amperland, NY)

9. Peeling Off the Bark (Amperland, NY)

10. On Jet Lag (Amperland, NY)

11. The Metronome (Amperland, NY)

12. Skylight (Amperland, NY)

13. Spiral (Amperland, NY)

14. Overthrown (Amperland, NY)

15. Hairpin (Amperland, NY)

16. Need (Amperland, NY)

17. Endless (Amperland, NY)

18. Amulets/Light On (Amperland, NY)

19. Paterson & Leo (Amperland, NY)

20. Phase (Amperland, NY)

21. Intrepid (Amperland, NY)

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