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Cher Martinetti - Pop Culture Pioneers

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Cher Martinetti - Pop Culture Pioneers

Inspired by the popular SYFY WIRE podcast "Forgotten Women of Genre" and with a foreword from comic book writer Gail Simone, this timely anthology explores the lives and influential work of female creators and artists -- from the 70s to 2010 -- who have played a crucial role in shaping modern day genre and pop culture.

Behind some of the most popular works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror there are forgotten stories of female creators.

It's no secret that genres like science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more, have evolved from niche interest to mainstream staple in the last few decades. However, the countless women who have been instrumental in creating and shaping those genres for the last fifty-plus years have largely gone largely unrecognized -- until now. Pop Culture Pioneers explores and pays respect to the work and influence of the female creators who played a crucial role in creating and influencing of some of the most famous worlds and characters in pop culture from the early 70s through to 2010 including:

* Creators like Bonnie Erickson (co-creator of Miss Piggy), Christy Marx (Jem! And The Holograms creator), Roberta Williams (creator of the adventure game genre), and Betty Cohen (founder of Cartoon Network)

* Writers & Editors like Jeanette Khan (head of DC Comics), Alice Bradley Sheldon (writing as James Tiptree Jr.) and Malia Scotch Marno (screenwriter for Jurassic Park and Hook)

* Animators & Artists like Vicky Jenson (animator and director of Shrek) and Brenda Chapman (animator and director of Brave) 

* Directors & Producers like Jean MacCurdy (producer of Batman: The Animated Series and Animaniacs), Denise Di Novi (co-producer of Batman Returns and The Nightmare Before Christmas), and Fran Walsh (co-producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy)

* As well as Yvonne Blake (costume designer for Superman), Marlene Clark (Blaxploitation actress), Jane Feinberg (casting director for Blade Runner, E.T., The Goonies, and Indiana Jones), and so many more!

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