• Tsap - Flickering Lyghte In Campsite. LP
  • Tsap - Flickering Lyghte In Campsite. LP

Tsap - Flickering Lyghte In Campsite. LP

Tsap - Flickering Lyghte In Campsite. LP

Edition of 150 featuring art by Nick Blinko and Yuta Matsumura.


After a 2019 tape on Total Black and another, titled Eating A Tree, earlier this year on AST Newcastle / Sydney duo Tsap finally spawn-forth this long-gestating LP. So far the duo, made up of Chris Colla (Orion, The No, early Low Life, etc) and Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes), have played two shows - one in a Sydney bowling club and another inside a former Go-Lo in Newcastle’s mostly-abandoned mall. This goes some way to illuminating what you can expect on Flickering Lyghte In Campsite. 


As with their previous output, there is no fencing keeping the two captive and beholden to fickle generic convention. There are bleak, low-BPM techno creepers ‘Operating In The Dark’ and ‘Raising The Carnyx’, approaches to the furthest edges of the minimal-wave continuum in ‘Two Eyes Right’ and ‘Staircase Wit’ and iterations of Pagan House in ‘Faith In Stone’, ‘Indefinite Ancients’ and ‘Gorseddau’. 


Altho’ the term is frequently bandied, this is one for the ‘trew heads’. I’m not sure even I completely understand it myself and I make up 50% of the hands that turned these knobs. In a time where much (techno or otherwise) barely reaches beyond the surface level, I can’t think of a better zone to occupy. 

The album features cover art by Nick Blinko (reproduced with kind permission of Henry Boxer Gallery). Blinko is one of our favourite ‘outsider’ operators and a member of legendary anarcho agitators, Rudimentary Peni and The Magits.


The album’s back cover and insert images were chiselled by Sydney’s Yuta Matsumura, who we equally respect the output of, whether behind the posca or as an Oily Boy / Low Life / Oreo. 



  • Mastered by Mikey Young.
  • Artwork by Nick Blinko (c/o Henry Boxer Gallery) and Yuta Matsumura.


Tsap ackowledge and respect the traditional past, present and future custodians of the land on which this album was recorded, the Eora and Awabakal peoples.