Nudie - Steady Eddie II Jeans in Sunday Blues

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Classic Jeans with a regular tapered fit made in organic rigid denim. The tapering of this regular fit makes the jeans fit evenly over the legs giving it a modern silhouette.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Tunisia


Jeans made in 13.25 oz. rigid denim that has been washed to a hazy bright blue tone. Nudie kept these super clean, giving them a rather uniform wash with soft sweeping abrasion. As with all indigo-dyed denim, wash effects get most pronounced at folds and seams and this is indeed the case here as well. 


As a result, beautiful contrasts can be found at folds and seams. In these areas, as well as the darker parts of the denim, marble effects add a beautiful structure. The denim itself adds a complex level of detail. 


The complexity stems from the fabrics warp slub which adds a peppery structure whilst also adding a slightly streaky look. Its twill lines are defined enough to reveal the diagonal structure while the yarns are coarse enough to give the jeans that vintage hand. However, none of the mentioned aspects is overpowering rendering the beautifully balanced structure and look. With its "worn everyday" look these jeans are simple, clean and straightforward. Yet there is, simply put, nothing simple about these jeans at all.