• Beak > - Beak >> LP [2018 Double LP Repress]

Beak > - Beak >> LP [2018 Double LP Repress]

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Seasick, druggy, beat-heavy live jams of the darkest order. BEAK > >

Ok, now this is a serious offering.

Formed in January 2009 by three Bristol musicians, Geoff Barrow (Portishead), Billy Fuller (Robert Plant) and Matt Williams, with a discipline of "live, one room, no over-dubs or repair', what resulted feels like the ultimate cassette recording your older brother passed to you as a teen, a record that soundtracked those darker chapter so perfectly it became part of your DNA.

This record is largely instrumental and rewards with volume and a 'no distractions' approach to listening. Wind up, buckle the fuck up and let BEAK > do the talking!

For fans of the heavier moments of Can,  Portishead (Third) and early Dj Krush.

Originally Released in 2012 and here once again on Geoff's outstanding Invada Records